Gifts for Writers & Readers: 8th Day of Pre-Christmas

on December 21, 2015

12 Days of Pre-Christmas: Gift Eight For Your Writer Friend


Reading glasses and bookmark in first edition of Glimmer.

Let’s face it, staring a computer every day can take a toll on your eyes. Or maybe you are a reader, editor, proofer, or reviewer – how are your poor eyes doing? Are you starting to experience a light blur even when you make the text bigger on screen? It might be time for the somewhat dreaded, reading glasses.

Funky Reading Glasses or Magnifying Accessories:

What they are:

A specially treated glass that makes type and other stuff look bigger.

Why they’re great:

Funky reading glasses are much more fun than a plain pair you pick up at the drugstore. They make you look stylish and feel uber smart. And you can tilt your head to glance over your glances and give people that ‘look’ followed by silence and returning to your task at hand. Glasses are power. And, they do make the text more clear too.

Giant magnifying gl

Funky reading glasses make reading an writing easier!

asses are another choice! They look great on your shelf, make your eyeball look huge, and can aid in reading the fine print on directions. And maybe you have a friend who needs glasses, but just isn’t ready to face it yet. This is a choice.

Magnifying glass on a chapter of Glimmer

Magnifying glass on a chapter of Glimmer

What to look for:

Find you writer friend something in a color they wear or a lot, or that might stand out from the black they always wear. Something with more than one color and a pattern of some sort whether it’s polka dots, stripes, or zigzags. I guarantee, they will get a lot of compliments.

Most reading glasses are about a +1.00 to +1.25. For anyone under forty, I would suggest +.75 to +1.00. For over forty a +1.00 or higher. But really, +1.00 is pretty safe unless you know they are struggling to see what’s in front of them.

If you are specifically buying for a reader, you might also add a matching bookmark and package them together nicely as Reading Accessories.

A personal bookmark

A personal bookmark

For magnifying glasses, you can get all sizes, but make sure the sticker with the price is not on the glass, because it never comes off well. There’s always sticky paper or glue and it will take time to clean after the receiver scrapes it off.

Include a note: “For a more enjoyable reading experience.”

What is Costs:

Approximately $10.00 – $16.00 It’s a deal!

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