16 Things Girls Need To Know About Guys Before They Turn 16

on May 8, 2023

The 16 for 16 List

  1. They want you to think they are funny and cool as well as athletic and hot. But they’ll take funny and cool if the rest is not in their cards…yet.
  2. They don’t care that much about makeup—on them or you, but a welcoming smile that makes them think they are funny, cool, athletic or hot goes a long way.
  3. They can’t express it but they want to be accepted as they are—just like you—even when they can’t accept themselves.
  4. If boys see you value yourself and your dreams they will secretly and sometimes openly admire you.
  5. Men love confidence in a woman. Boys respect confidence in a girl and are often drawn to her for it, but can’t explain why.
  6. Boys will rarely know what you want as their minds are cluttered by hormones which they spend most of the time hiding from you out of respect or embarrassment.
  7. Boys aren’t thinking about how nice it is to cuddle on your parents’ sofa. They are thinking about how it could get even more uncomfortable if they don’t stop their hormones.
  8. They can sleep in their own sweat and dirty clothes and think it’s fine. Don’t judge. Girls do it too.
  9. They might want to give you a hickie to show others they have you and therefore have “value”. Your body is not a possession to be marked with ownership by a boy as if you are a commodity or accessory to go with their car. It’s also not a symbol to show off as proof that a boy likes you. You will absolutely need to set at least one boy straight about this. Do it and own it.
  10. They like talking a lot more than you think, even about other people. But it’s not gossiping, it’s getting the download. Guys don’t gossip. Get it?
  11. There are the guys who will lie about anything for a hookup. Don’t limit your future freedom, independence, and opportunities to be the subject of tomorrow’s “download.”
  12. Even the guys who are friends often want to touch your body. Just sayin’. Don’t make respecting you too hard for them.
  13. If you make them respect you you’ll have a lot more fun together whether friend or boyfriend.
  14. You’ll know they respect you when they won’t let anyone mess with you.
  15. There is a great truth in the saying girls mature faster than boys. College boys are the same as high school boys only more confident. Everything above still applies. That’s why you need to learn to demand respect now. Age 8 isn’t too early. Age 18 is not too late. Neither is age 88.
  16. Boys are just trying to figure out life the same ways that you are. Find the ones who can laugh at themselves while doing it and you might have a friend. And don’t forget to laugh as well.