The Black Swan Files

This is a superhero-coming-of-age series about Jocelyn Esperanza Albrecht—and the group of friends that become her family. Jocelyn’s only desire is to know the family that was taken from her and find a home where she belongs, but her very existence is a threat to them all.

The Black Swan Files has won a number of awards and is recognized for its diverse characters in STEM, strong friendships, humor, emotion, fast-paced action, and paging-turning entertainment.

This is a PG13. young adult series that’s appreciated by all ages.

  • Book # 001

  • Book # 002

  • Book # 003

Keepers of the Legacy

A rollicking, action-adventure romance series that takes place in England and the high seas during the 1790s. A shipping maven is mysteriously cast as the protector of an ancient prophecy that foretells the source of untold power, and hides the location of a legendary treasure.

  • Book # 1

  • Book # 2

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