A Month of Self-Giving

on February 13, 2023

28 Ways to Fill Yourself with Love!

  1. Write down 28 things about yourself that you are grateful for—just about you and what’s going on in your life right now. “I am grateful for my patience…that I made someone laugh today…that I can smile at strangers…that I’m healthy…smart…”
  2. Meditate ten minutes a day, imaging sunshine filling every part of your being and shooting outward.
  3. Whatever your version of God or universal goodness, ask to be filled with so much love that it pushes all negative thoughts from your mind. Do this every morning.
  4. Drink half your weight in water every day this month. It will change your energy and alertness if you haven’t been doing this. Make it special with some lemon, cucumber or a favorite infusion.
  5. Get a pedicure and request extra massage.
  6. By a pure essential oil and keep it on hand to sniff when you are tired or stressed.
  7. Light some extra candles (real or fake) in your living room and create a cozy ambiance, even if it is just for you!
  8. Buy a new soft, snuggly blanket for reading. Or wash your favorite one and warm it up in the dryer before snuggling. Need a short romance fix? Check out the holiday novella, “The Time Keeper” (Chance to win below.)
  9. Clean up your kitchen and organize it to be as bare as possible with only inspirational and positive images on your fridge or walls.
  10. Take a drive on a scenic road.
  11. Find a song that makes you dance, then dance to it!
  12. Sneak out for a coffee or tea. Even if you have to sit in your car, the change of pace is good.
  13. Follow an inspirational profile on social media and read through the posts to make you mentally strong.
  14. Enjoy a walk while listening to the Bridgerton soundtrack.
  15. Eat a clean vegetarian dinner with some sparkling water.
  16. Look in the mirror and say, “I love you” for three minutes. If you have trouble believing it, do this every day for a year.
  17. Buy yourself some flowers to brighten your favorite space.
  18. Call an old best friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and tell her a few great things about her that you appreciate. If she wants to remind you of how awesome you are too, say: Thank you, I needed that! But, you know–birds of a feather…”
  19. Spend an entire afternoon or evening with a book and your favorite beverage.
  20. Treat yourself to a single serving of a special dessert that you always avoid due to calories.
  21. Make a Pinterest Board of positive and inspiring quotes.
  22. Make a Pinterest Board of images to update your home or for your dream home.
  23. Bundle up and stand outside for a while at night, appreciating the moon, stars and sounds of the night. Even in the city this is nice. Appreciate wherever you are in the world at this moment.
  24. Do a random act of kindness. Putting love out there makes you feel good inside. And the love comes back at you.
  25. Get a professional massage or facial.
  26. Find one thing to do, learn, wear, or read that will boost your confidence. A woman can never have too much confidence.
  27. Change your screensaver on your phone to reflect how you want to feel inside and out.
  28. Smile at everyone you meet. Sharing the love is what it’s all for!


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