Day One or One day?

on January 26, 2018

Day One or One Day. You Decide.

We all have that thing that we put off, dream about, or push to the side and say, “one day…”

What’s yours?

As I write this month it is knowing that the year before me will be a time of great change—much of it transforming my life in ways I don’t even know yet. My “one day” is drawing near.

Day one or one day?

Last year was my year of gratitude and it truly changed how I feel about everything. I enter this year of change with immense gratitude for all the changes I will make and need to make this year.

My first big change: I resigned January 5th from my job with Walt Disney Imagineering where I designed and developed attractions and experiences in our parks, cruise ships, and hotels around the world. If there is any career other than writing that is awesome, it’s that one. Yes, I loved it. And I love the people. And I’m incredibly grateful for their support as I take this next step toward my calling to write full time.

Persistence Pays…

Growing up I was told I can write one day—when I retire or marry rich. I hated that. And I kept writing—but quietly, on the side, and on weekends, and without really talking about it. Just working toward that “one day.”

I’ve always worked hard and that has blessed me with many opportunities. But when I sit quietly to discern my path, a life of no regrets is more important to me than uncertainty, or security, or let’s be real—poverty. But don’t worry, I’ve planned for that contingency!

I have been told everything possible to stop me from writing. Most writers have been told at several points in their life that it’s not a practical career (only the words used are usually not that diplomatic). I think every writer smiles gently, nods quietly and goes on writing.

Live a life of no regrets.

For me, the stories in my head and notebooks are filling up faster than I can tell them, and there are only so many hours in a week. After years of saying ‘no’ to so many things so that I can write on the weekends, I’m saying ‘yes’ to me so that I can write whenever I want. However, once I’m settled in my new home, I plan to have a regular working week and weekends with my family. It’s too exciting to even explain, but I’m sure you get it.

Oh yes, my new home. We are selling our home in California and moving across the country! Another big change! But that’s a story for next week.

For now I can tell you, my last day at Imagineering is February 2nd.

My day one is February 3rd.

When is yours?