Face Your Fear, Own Your Life

on August 28, 2023

Set Yourself Free

I often counsel my students and mentees that all bad decisions are made for one of two reasons—fear or greed. For most people I know, greed is rarely the culprit unless temptation is in the form of gambling or investing. The real enemy if fear.


  • Fear of submitting a resume and looking stupid.
  • Fear of doing a job interview and not having the “right” answer.
  • Fear of rejection.
  • Fear of being alone.
  • Fear of not being good enough.
  • Fear of standing up to a loved one lest they walk out.
  • Fear of speaking up and being embarrassed.
  • Fear of losing face.
  • Fear of being exposed.
  • Fear of shame.
  • Fear of losing your job.
  • Fear of losing your spouse.
  • Fear of losing your child.
  • Fear of failing at just about anything.

That’s the short list. There are plenty of things to fear. It’s scary just thinking about it.

But fear is not reality. It is merely an emotion. Emotions can play an important role in informing us and giving us clues about something but only our mind and reason can sort out the true facts, come up with solutions, and help us step through the fear to the other side.

If you find you are afraid of something, ask yourself why?

Then focus on learning all the information you need for a solution, and start working that solution. Sometimes it’s as simple – and intimidating – as stepping forward one step. But after a few steps you have some momentum. And after you have momentum you will start to see your behaviors changing.

It doesn’t mean the thing you fear won’t happen. But it does mean you are now strong enough to overcome it, and you are no longer frozen, wondering what could have been.

This month, practice facing your fears, and taking back the life you are meant to live.



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