Five Tips to Level Up Your Friendship Skills

on October 2, 2023

Female Friendships Move Mountains

One thing all my novels have in common, whether superhero stories or historical adventure novels is that they have strong females with strong female friendships. Female friendships are powerful, but no one really teaches you how to be a great friend or what to do in order to grow those relationships. Here’s a few quick tips for all the sisters of different misters.

Five Little Reminders to Being a Good Friend

  1. Listen supportively without giving advice on personal matters unless you are asked.
  2. Walk by their side through the hard times when there’s nothing to do but be present.
  3. Help them laugh when they are discouraged. Catch them when they fall.
  4. Remind them of all the wonderful and admirable things about them when they’ve been hurt.
  5. Lead with curiosity not condemnation when you think you might have differing opinions on the world, a situation, a policy, or a belief. Your friends are meant to enrich your life. Allow them to do it with their different perspectives.

BONUS: Tell your friends what you need from them in important moments. They aren’t always mind readers.

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