Friends with Purpose are Happier, and Happier Friends Make Life Happier!

on October 30, 2023

Choose Friends that Lift You and Help You Grow

Do you ever wonder why some people just are not happy! They literally have everything, but are not joyful, satisfied, happy or content. If you’ve got these people in your life that can be vampires on your energy, so beware.

Instead make sure your friends have a sense of purpose – or multiple purposes. It might be to succeed in college and lead their sorority in volunteer work. It might be about being the best doctor or therapist they can in order to help people. It might be as simple as making at least one person smile every day. It is generally not about becoming powerful or getting more likes, or buying a new handbag. But those can be good goals and rewards in the right context.

Instead, purpose is about being a better person and serving others in some way through a role in your life, or some work that you do.

Having this and doing this, make you happier. And happier people make better friends who understand how to support you and encourage you in your dreams.

Think about your own purpose and if you can identify one or more in your friends. If you can’t, you might want to think about how much of your precious time you give to those who are not aligned with your values and might be happiness parasites instead of happiness promoters.

When I started writing The Black Swan Files, I knew that the friendship between the characters would be core to the story and vital for the main character who, thanks to having good friends, becomes a superhero instead of a supervillain. It can always go either way. She could even have been an insecure “super-mediocre” with no confidence. Instead, she if gifted with great friends that are kind, hard-working, and believe in truth, justice and the entrepreneurial way. They all have different beliefs and quirks, but when push comes to shove they work together, sacrifice for each other, and accept each other as they are and where they are.

When I look at the friends I have, I’m grateful for who they are and what they have given to me and shared with me. And I realize too, that they had a big impact on how I write female friends and characters.

I hope you are connected with a couple true and quality friends that inspire you to want more from yourself and for yourself and cheer you on when you share your greatness with others.

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