Introducing the Heroes of Glimmer: The Black Swan Files 001

on April 23, 2015

Jocelyn: She is naturally nurturing, optimistic and curious about people and the world. She has learned to switch her military training on and off at will. Now that she knows the truth, she is willing to stop anyone who keeps her from her family or tries to hurt them. Ultimately, she will have to decide how far she is willing to go to achieve that end, and if the choices are worth her life or even giving up the life she wants to lead. Her one desire is to belong, but by definition she is a black swan and there is no one like her. Her song: Titanium (Madilyn Bailey cover)


Jocelyn Esperanza Albrecht: Optimistic Orphan, black swan, top secret experiment – she can biotransmit enough energy to kill a person, but would she?




Seth: Social outcast, smooth-talking survivor, and a new experiment at Camp Holliwell


Georgie: She’s a believer and fighter for what is right. She wants justice, never vengeance, and believes in following the right path in all the things. I was inspired to re-write Georgie’s character after working on a gallery exhibit with Bernard & Shirley Kinsey. The topic was a celebration of African American heroes, of which there are many, in part due to their historic struggle. Georgie has a long history of heroes in her family, but she is her own woman. I see her as the moral compass of the series, especially for Jocelyn. Georgie’s spirit is fierce! Her song: Rise Up (Beyoncé – I wish I could get a live version of this song!)


Georgie: High school senior, super sleuth, and crusader for justice


Graeme: He’s an old soul in a modern world. He is incredibly smart, and very perceptive when it comes to people. He seeks to understand in all circumstances, but he’s also a man of action. His song: I Will Wait (Mumford & Sons)


Graeme: Software engineer, softhearted protector, and tenacious truth-seeker




Brittany: Georgie’s best friend, expert in snark, and sustainable fashion designer


Alastair: He is Georgie’s cousin and has cast dishonor on their family name. His recent past is shadowy, and he’s learned the consequences of sticking one’s head out. Despite himself, he is a reluctant hero, and there’s no denying one thing – this man’s a warrior.


Alastair: Georgie’s cousin, former Army Ranger, and general badass




Lena: Computer scientist, passionate cryptologist, and pie connoisseur