Party Tips for New Adults, Part 3: From Oops to Opportunity!

on November 26, 2014

It’s the season of good spirits and when throwing a party, you don’t want to be the one to kill the party spirit when little accidents happen. The fabulous hostess never lets anything throw her tiara askew.

Don’t panic over spills, expect them and be ready!

Be ready to put your mortified guest at ease!

Be ready to put your mortified guest at ease!

The Mental Warm-Up

The first way to prepare for those little mishaps is to mentally be okay with spills and have the right words available should an accident occur. Some options might be, “Great choice! It makes that carpet look so much better!” or “This old dress has had more spots than a leopard with chicken pox.”  A little out there, but the goal is to distract the guest from their personal horror and possibly yours. If a cute guy does the damage, I suggest going with, “Thank you! Now it’s a party dress!” Then let him help you clean and pat it dry. Instructions below.

The Secret Weapon

The second way to prepare for mishaps is to have your tools strategically placed and on hand.

Put anything precious away and know that most anything else can be saved with dry cleaning and club soda. Knowing this, you can be gracious and comforting to the mortified guest who is likely dreading the thought of falling out of favor with your fabulousness. Right?

Be the cool and collected hostess and have plenty of extra club soda nearby for every scenario—coffee, tea, wine, etc. I use club soda for everything on everything. Now that’s not necessarily the best option for all spills, but for carpet stains and most clothing items or cloth furniture, club soda has been my friend for years.

For 79 to 99 cents a bottle you can keep a fresh bottle under the sink in the kitchen, the guest bathroom, and a couple extra bottles by the drinks. Spray liberally over the stain, lay a clean dishtowel down then stomp elegantly to absorb the moisture and stain. Repeat once more if needed. Do a little dance, make a little fun and get down while taking care of business—but don’t make it a spectacle or an issue. You don’t want to extend the moment of embarrassment for your guest, rather highlight you experience and resourcefulness while transitioning it to an opportunity for conversation with your guest.

Turn Oops into Opportunity!

Turn his "oops!" into opportunity!

Turn his “oops!” into opportunity!

Speaking of opportunities, if the cute guy you are talking to is the culprit, use that to your benefit. First, he might have been bumped by a guy who wants to talk with you or a girl that wants to get to him. It happens. You’re the fabulous hostess, thus a magnet to which all are drawn! Own it. Owwn-it!

So cutie spills on you…Ask him to help you by handing him the clean towel while you grab the nearest club soda and carefully soak the spot, which in all likelihood is somewhere in your front. Gauge your level of comfort, than ask him to blot. Compliment him extravagantly on his care and good work. Ask him if he’s ever done this before. Enjoy the little moment of serendipity that allowed you to bond.

For tough stains, pick up some Resolve the next day and deal with it then. Don’t bring out Resolve at a party! It’s too serious and will make you look like you’re really concerned that someone spilled red wine on the crocheted blanket given to you by your deceased grandmother. Hey, Grandma’s been there, and she’d be happy to know she’s part of the festivities again. Because let’s face it, she knew how to throw a shindig and you inherited a little bit of fabulous from her. Toast the blanket and carry on.

Enjoy each party, each moment and each connection this season whether it’s with family, friends or new friends! Be smart and celebrate the season safely. Don’t be ruffled by the little things but enjoy and celebrate all the little moments that combine to make the season bright.

Cheers! Until next time,