Proactively Peaceful

on January 16, 2022

What Everyone Can Do To Promote Peacel

Transform fear and anger into positive action

I don’t love talking about current events in general on my blog, but I know Indian Monkmany of my readers look at the state of affairs around the globe and experience fear, frustration, rage, disgust, and even confusion as to why there are people in the world who have no intent, vision or goal other than to destroy. There is very little we can do for those who are far down the path to evil, but we do need to take care of our own emotions, and transform all that fear and anger into positive action.

Use your personal form of “prayer”

Few of us can help a person or country far away, but there are things that all of us can do, share, and be part of to increase our solidarity for tolerance, acceptance of each other (both our goodness and our failings), and ultimately increase greater peace in our small part of the world and the bigger world. This one simple thing is to practice every day your personal form of meditation, prayer, or taking quiet time to send peace and positivity to yourself, to those around you, and to the world. Regardless of whether cynics think that’s useless, science has done extensive research around the power of prayer and meditation on the individual and for those whom the energy is directed to. We may not know how it works, we might all have different theories on why it works, but it works.

Peace Meditation

Develop peace inside yourself so you have something to give back to others

I’ve always thought that peace starts with the individual—which puts a lot of pressure on me since it has never been necessarily easy—at all—to maintain a sense of peace in challenging situations. I admit I can be passionate in my opinion, furious when injustice happens, and stubborn in letting go offenses. But, part of becoming a better human is the ongoing practice to allow peace into your heart until it can overflow back out again, especially when the most difficult transgressions take place. Yes, it is a challenge to forgive, and openly give brotherly and sisterly love to all, but if we cannot do it with our families, friends, and work mates, or the clueless driver who cuts you off on the road, how can we expect others to do it? We don’t have control over most things in the world. We can only control ourselves. So when evil happens, how will we be prepared to face it if we have not practiced peace in our small part of the world every single day?

Understand that we are all part of the problem or solution

It is no longer enough to say that the one million children in Thailand meditating for peace will do the job. Or, that the monks, nuns, and faithful around the world are sufficient for all humanity. We all must take the leap of faith – atheists, agnostics, believers – and be part of the movement for peace.


There will never be perfect peace, but we can improve greatly on where we currently are, if everyone who desires a more tolerant and peaceful world takes twenty minutes (even one minute) a day to change the energy in themselves and the energy they are giving to the world, by offering up that call in their heart, soul, or mind to be part of a better, safer, more tolerant, more accepting, more peaceful world. Intent followed by action is powerful. Do it. Take one minute a day to start and build up from there. It’s not enough for any of us to pass on the responsibility for peace in our heart or our world to anyone else.

All races, colors, and creeds – we are all the beauty that makes up humanity. We are all in this together.

Take a minute and own the word—peace.

Until next time,