Writerly Wednesdays: 10 Ways You Know You’re a Writer

on November 4, 2015

You Know You’re A Writer When by Adair Lara

A collection of all that makes writes wonderful and wacky.

A collection of all that makes writers wonderful and wacky.

The following ten gems are from Adair Lara’s little book that sits on my shelf closest to my desk. Occasionally when I’m feeling out of sorts, a little weird, or have been caught talking to myself a little too much – I whip out this treasure, and remember that I’m not alone.

Here are just ten of my favorites. There are so many more. If you’re not sure yet, if you’re a writer, you might pick up a copy. It also makes a great gift a writerly friend.

  1. You think of eavesdropping as research.
  2. You get a book idea while washing the dishes.
  3. Sometimes you think in an English accent.
  4. As you’re staring out the window, you’re working.
  5. You hold your cell phone up at intersections to record the sound of Italian motorbikes for that scene you’re writing about a love affair on Capri.
  6. There are three empty cereal bowls next to your computer – one for each meal.
  7. You pick up your fifteen-year-old at a police station and, even through your tears, you note ironic details such as the vending machine in the lobby flashing, “Have A Nice Day” in red digital letters.
  8. You go out in a snowstorm wearing a t-shirt because it was summer when you sat down to start your novel.
  9. You forgot your bathing suit on a trip to Tahiti, but remembered your laptop.
  10. Throwing out old files, you come across a great piece and are delighted to realize you wrote it.

IMG_4274Keep writing, even if you the things that come out of your mouth sound like, “That’s a great way to kill someone.” Or, “If we were money-laundering, would we…”

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