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Bollywood Nights at The Indian International Film Academy Awards!

on June 7, 2014

The World’s Biggest Entertainment Awards, Reported by Raakhi Kapur

The glamour, the color, the chaos! It was all there at the Indian International Film Academy Awards. For a report direct from the green carpet, I want to introduce a young creative thinker, dancer, and producer – Raakhi Kapur – who is going to share her incredible experience at the Indian International Film Academy Awards. Phew – a long title, but not nearly as long as the event! If you always wanted a taste of India, were curious about Bollywood, or would like to tip your toe into the culture of one of the largest nations in the world, then this is your chance. Raakhi, thank you so much for your report. Take it away! Raakhi: Thank you, Tricia! Okay,… Continue Reading