Dreams and Schemes for a Legendary Life

What’s Your Heritage?

on November 16, 2014

When I was asked to write the Story of My Family at a retreat, there were many ways to approach it. For whatever reason on that day, I didn’t think of my country or ethnicity or the many anecdotes that now have become family legend. The two words that popped into my head were Honor and Service. I could likely write a book on each, and I’m sure others have. For me, in that moment, they were the words that immediately made me think of my parents. And when I think heritage, I think of those things that I want to pass on to my children, nieces, nephews, etc. I suspect Honor and Service is the heritage of many families… Continue Reading

The Writer’s Life: Conference Day Three

on July 28, 2014

Claiming Your Queendom!

Claiming Your Queendom!

[caption id="attachment_63" align="alignleft" width="200"] Queendom: Use it or lose it.[/caption]

There was simply too much awesome going on Friday for me get into it, so I’m going to focus on what you need to know for your own branding and success, whether you are a teenager starting out or retired and starting again.

If you’re a teen blogger or young adult starting your own business, and don’t want to “work for the man” after college and get golf ball sized lumps in your skull from the glass ceiling, then start building your brand

The Writer’s Life: Conference Day Two

on July 25, 2014

A Report from the Frontlines of RWA 2014

A Report from the Frontlines of RWA 2014

I dragged myself out of bed at six-thirty, regretting that I didn’t toss the Visine in the my bag. It’s Day Two of the annual Romance Writers of America Conference. Since I’m only here three days, I’ve been trying to make the most of everything

The Writer’s Life: Conference Day One

on July 24, 2014

A Report from the Frontlines of RWA 2014

A Report from the Frontlines of RWA 2014

I started the day taking UberX to the hotel in San Antonio traffic. Okay, it was only traffic if you call cruising at 65mph, traffic—but to the locals—that was apparently traffic. My driver was a German man who immigrated in 1966 but retains a charming accent that makes words like sleep sound like shleep. He gave me a passionate monologue on how San Antonio is the best city in the world. (In. The. World.)

Dreams and Schemes of the Writer’s Life

on July 23, 2014

So you want to be a writer? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Before I was a writer I was a reader. And before I was a reader, I was a dreamer. I would make up stories in my head all day long. In fact, the only time I wasn’t making up stories was when I was reading. Suffice it to say—I didn’t talk much, except to myself. And in a family of Irish and Italian talkers, it was remarked upon…a lot. When I finally had my first book published I think everyone finally understood, I just use my words differently. Writing was not something I thought could be a real career until college, so I always imagined I would be a doctor and a writer, or President of the United States and… Continue Reading

Bollywood Nights at The Indian International Film Academy Awards!

on June 7, 2014

The World’s Biggest Entertainment Awards, Reported by Raakhi Kapur

The glamour, the color, the chaos! It was all there at the Indian International Film Academy Awards. For a report direct from the green carpet, I want to introduce a young creative thinker, dancer, and producer – Raakhi Kapur – who is going to share her incredible experience at the Indian International Film Academy Awards. Phew – a long title, but not nearly as long as the event! If you always wanted a taste of India, were curious about Bollywood, or would like to tip your toe into the culture of one of the largest nations in the world, then this is your chance. Raakhi, thank you so much for your report. Take it away! Raakhi: Thank you, Tricia! Okay,… Continue Reading