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Welcome to my author site and home of my Dreams & Schemes blog. This is a place to celebrate people doing great things, find inspiration for your own life, share advice on all types of relationships, and just have fun. Thank you for visiting and bringing your optimism, compassion, style, wisdom.

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Glimmer Wins Gold!

Glimmer recently won a GOLD MEDAL from the Independent Publisher Book Awards (an IPPY) for Best Young Adult E-Book and an Honorable Mention in Genre Fiction from the North Street Book Prize.

Glimmer, the first book in The Black Swan Files is available now. YA LOVE MAGAZINE says, “Glimmer is a thrilling adventure set in the near future and it completely took me by surprise! The book completely holds its own in the YA genre and produces a strange mix of tech, thriller, romance and adventure, inevitably though it is a book about teen angst and self-discovery (as all good YA books are). To its benefit this book is not set in a dystopian world, instead it cements itself in a very near future with possibilities that don’t stray that far from our imagination. Perhaps that is why it is so gripping, it is unrealistic and perfectly realistic at the same time. Read full review here.

“GLIMMER is a thrilling adventure!”


The Black Swan Files introduces a new superhero—and she’s come to kick ass, take names, and reclaim what was stolen from her…as soon as she escapes a high-tech, military facility where science and technology operate in ethically gray areas and freedom is negotiable.

Fortunately she’s not alone in her quest for freedom.

Glimmer is available in all formats, including a print version through

I hope you will check it out my other work. A good start is Siren’s Song which received decent recognition and awards, and is a book that a lot of men enjoyed for the humor, characters and action. That said, my audience is young females—and the romance between the heroine and hero is pretty epic in this book.

I blog regularly about following your dreams, living life to the fullest and celebrating those who do it well! You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other socializing venues @triciacerrone. Look around, have fun and take some time to dream and scheme about your own life while you’re here.



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  • Dealing with Disappointment: How to Handle Being Replaced or Overlooked

    Disappointments Are Pivotal Moments

    There are always going to be times in our lives when we lose a role on a team, a part in a play, or are replaced by new fresh blood—either at school, work, or at home.

    This is never an easy experience.

    It is an experience that can make you feel too old, too young, too inexperienced, inadequate, threatened, embarrassed, and even fearful of becoming irrelevant (and therefore you will lose your job, your partner will dump you, your children will abandon you, and you’ll become homeless and die alone).

    Yes, there are some of us who take it all the way to the bitter end. I don’t wish this on anyone.

    All those emotions are uncomfortable. And I know personally, I can wallow in useless emotions quite spectacularly, giving them a lot more importance than they deserve in my awesome life.

    As awkward or uncomfortable this moment is in your life, you must remember that one change or loss, does not make your life, predict your success, or determine who you can be or will be. It’s just that in the moment—it hurts.

    So what do you do with this sudden onslaught of passionate, deeply felt hurt, that in some

    Read more

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  • So much goodness, so little time! Coffee, a pen, and a notebook! The essentials to the beginning of every great idea and the beginning of putting every dream into action! Create and chase what sets your soul on fire! #yellow2016 Mug by The Created Co. #inspire #connect #empower #goforit @thecreatedco #thecreatedcommunity @rebeldotcom #fearless #create #creative #beautiful #smart #ecodesign #ecopen #ecotools #mug #coffee #community #ilovecoffee #grit #valor #heart #soul #dreams #followingdreams #flauntyourbrand #changetheworld #changeyourlife #changeyourmindset
  • Thank you #genuineandginger for the awesome cuff to celebrate our gathering this week! Love it! You're rad! #rememberyourerad #cuff #bracelet #inspiration #inspiring #art #wearableart #grit #valor #heart #awesome #awesomeness #dreaming #genuine #ginger #rad #reelradadventures @reelradfilms @genuineandginger #yellow2016 #
  • One of the many amazing companies I was introduced to at the #yellow2016 conference was Unlock Hope. Their goal is to empower women in Uganda through education and employment. Purchasing their products on helps to provide food, shelter, tuition and more for girls in Uganda who are receiving an education. Hope can help you "be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your souls on fire"! #friendship #dreams #hope #unlockhope #keytohope #keytolife #keytosuccess🔑 #necklace #key #Uganda #girls #education #tuition #helpingothers #helpinggirls #heart #valor #grit #inspiring #inspiration #dreaming
  • I love valor. Reading thing at the #yellow2016 conference gave me strength and reminded me that yes, we must fight for goodness, fight for love, fight for truth and not let fear hold us back. So much inspiration in one little word and one little conference. #grit #valor #heart #courage #strength #fear #dreams #brave #create #amwriting
  • I've been thinking about this a lot lately and wondering if I've really been present lately when my friends needed me. And also thinking back on the friends who where there for me in the past and how I need to let them really know how grateful I am that they were there in my moments of need and how they sometimes surprised me when I thought I was alone. #friendshipmatters #friendship
  • I think this is a great reminder to always have hope, not give up, ask and maybe you will receive, and don't believe that your fate is set. Until we all try and do we have no idea what is possible to change and create in our world and the bigger one we all share. We have no idea of the greatness the world waits to give us. And I say that after getting my car towed at the end of a long day yesterday! Thanks to the random people of LA who surrounded me with support. Believe in the best and have faith that in the unknown there is much that is possible. #hope #grit #heart #possibilities #faith #change#dreams #nevergiveup #nevergiveuponyourself #dreams #yellow2016

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