Stand up to Yourself!

on November 27, 2023

Tactics to Kick the Inner Bully to the Curb

Fear is a Bully Too often, especially for young women starting off in their careers, they don’t recognize that their biggest adversary lives in their head. And he’s super chatty, like a middle-school bully that never misses an opportunity to taunts us. He’s really just a scared brat, but boy does he seem to make good points. That’s a bad idea. You’ll look stupid. You’ll be embarrassed. It’s never been done before. You’re biting off too much. You’re going to fail. You’re not going to succeed. You’re going to waste your time. You’re going to waste someone else’s time. What makes you think you can do it? And on… Right? Just stop imagining things that don’t exist. Focus on now….Read More